The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC), as a service to its members and in the interest of public safety, is offering to assist individuals who were hired to be a fully commissioned peace officer and, by no fault of their own, have been or are scheduled to be laid off while at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA), or were assigned a BLEA class and have been or are scheduled to be laid off prior to starting their BLEA session, by connecting those individuals with other law enforcement agencies for consideration of employment.


  • Interested individuals who meet the aforementioned criteria indicate their interest by completing and submitting this form;
  • WASPC provides the information from this form to each Washington law enforcement agency for which the individual has indicated their interest in being considered for employment on the following page;
  • Said Washington law enforcement agency may choose to contact the individual; or do nothing.

Individuals who meet the aforementioned criteria wishing to be considered for employment as a law enforcement officer with another Washington law enforcement agency should complete the form below.