Wellness and Resilience Committee

The Wellness & Resilience Committee serves to provide wellness and resilience resources to law enforcement members through advocacy, education and collection of best practices.

Committee Charter  

11/7/2023 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda
5/23/2023 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda

05/24/22 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda

11/16/2021 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda

Committee Report - 5/26/2021

We met with 30 Committee Members attending.
* Charter Review
* Dr. Crampton of Petek and Associates addressed recent trends related to
wellness and resilience in the applicant pool, and some strategies to deal
with the challenges we face.
* We did a wellness app review and status
* We discussed peer support and clinician training from NERPSC
* We discussed issues that were identified by the Privileged communication
workgroup, including:
1. A draft legislative fix to RCW 5.16.060(6)
2. Model Policy Draft Review
3. Multi-Jurisdictional peer support teams, and challenges to using them, as
well as strategies to deal with the challenges (designate regional teams in
advance, before you need them)
4. Training recommendations for Chiefs and Sheriffs
* Brief discussion of the "industry standard" for what agencies are telling
officers regarding who they can talk to in the aftermath of a shooting;
attempting to get a pulse on what agencies are doing. Inconclusive.
* WASPC Grant Data Review
* CJTC Grant Presentation
Committee Made 2 recommendations:
1. Recommend the Executive Board send the Draft Model Policy on Peer
Support developed by WASPC Staff and the Wellness Committee to the
Model Policy Committee for further development, with the hope that it might
be completed and ready for adoption by the Spring 2024 Conference.
2. Recommend the WASPC Executive Board consider training for
members including:
a. "Retiring Well"
b. "Legitimate Leadership"
c. Add a training block to the Leadership training provided by David Doll,
to include topics on Wellness and Resiliency integrated into leadership
The committee members voted on the above recommendations and agreed
unanimously to forward the recommendations to the Executive Board.

Committee Chairs  
Mike Lasnier Chief, Suquamish Police Department
Mark Howie Sheriff, Wahkiakum County Sheriff's Office