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Statement on I-2113
Statement on HB 1445

2024 Pre-Session Statement

2022 Crime in Washington

WASPC Elects New Leaders
Post Session Statement - 2023

WASPC Statement on Blake SB 5336
WASPC Statement on House Passage SB 5352 - Pursuits Legislation

Law Enforcement Officer Wellness APP Launched Statewide
WASPC Statement on HB 1363 - Pursuits Legislation
Pre-Session Statement

MHFR and AJA Grants
Crime in Washington Report - 2021 Stats

Gene Cotton Award - 2022 Recipient

Wellness Grants

Vehicle Theft

Bike/Skateboard Helmet Grants Awarded to LE Agencies

Post Legislative Session Statement

WASPC Statement on Attorney General's Opinion
2022 Statement on Attorney General's Opinion

2022 Pre-Session Statement

2021 Pre-Session Statement
2021_0212 HB 1499 Statement
2021_0225 State v Blake
2021_0301 WASPC Statement on Police Reform Proposals
2021_0305 Mid Session Statement
2021_0318 AAPI Statement
2021_0323 WASPC Board news Release_White
2021_0324 State v Blake Statement
2021_0422 WASPC & IACP Statement on Chauvin Verdict
2021_0426 WASPC End of 2021 Session Statement
2021_0601 Chief Darrell Lowe News Release
2021_0601 Sheriff Kevin Morris Appointment to WASPC E-Board
2021_0601 Sheriff Rick Scott News Release
2021_0601 Sheriff Tom Jones News Release
2021_0601 Sheriff Jim Raymond News Release
2021_0601 Chief Sam White News Release
2021_0601 Chief Steve Crown News Release
2021_0601 WASPC All Leaders E-Board Election 2021
2021_0712 MHFRT Grants News Release
2021_0721 WASPC Statement on Police Reform Legislation Impact on Policing
2021_0706 Chief Cherie Harris Appointment to WASPC E-Board
2021_0707 Crime in Washington Report
2021_0721 Police Reform Legislation Statement
2021_0912 WASPC Statement on Law Enforcement Attacks
2021_1005 Faith & Blue Weekend

2020_0221 WASPC Statement on Community Corrections Officers
2020_0324 WASPC Statement on Enforcement of Stay at Home Order
2020_0423 Supreme Court Denies Prisoner Release
2020_0508 Statement on Continued LE Role in COVID Response
2020_0608 WASPC Statement on Governor Reforms
2020_1230 Sanjay Walvekar Appointment

2019_0709 CIW News Release
2019_0828 MH Field Grants News Release