Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program (LEMAP)

The Loaned Executive Management Assistance Program, LEMAP, provides management consulting and technical assistance to law enforcement entities. LEMAP reviews provide agencies an opportunity to take a step towards excellence by subjecting agencies to a complete review of their organizational structure.

The goal of the LEMAP program is to provide law enforcement administrators an opportunity to have a critical review of their organization through the eyes of peer professionals. The resulting report should serve as a guide to identify areas in need of strengthening and highlight positive or innovative programs existing within the agency.  A LEMAP assessment also provides interested agencies with a roadmap of information that will greatly assist them should they decide to pursue WASPC accreditation. 

LEMAP reviews are conducted by volunteer law enforcement professionals. Review teams vary in size depending on the scope of review and size of the agency.

Scope of Assessment:
A full LEMAP review will look at the major functions outlined in the WASPC Law Enforcement and/or Jail Accreditation Programs. The LEMAP Program is used as a reference in an effort to get agencies in line with industry best practices and standards. Full reviews are encouraged when there is a change in agency leadership.

Agencies are not required to contract for a full review. For example, if an agency wants a review of its records department or its health care delivery system at the jail, a contract for review of that specific function can be developed.

Application Process:
WASPC accepts requests from agency CEO’s for LEMAP reviews by contacting the Director of Professional Services or Jail Liaison and outlining the scope of the assessment.  Once details of the request are mutually understood the WASPC Executive Director will generate a written agreement with the agency CEO outlining the scope of the assessment. 

The base cost for a full LEMAP review is $2,000 plus staff time (generally estimated at 50 hours at $75/hour).  Costs for partial reviews vary on the scope of the review.  Depending on the nature of the review funding to partially underwrite certain costs may be available to some requesting agencies.  Contact WASPC staff for additional information on these resources. 

Final Report:
Reports are generally provided to the agency within 60 days of completing the onsite review.  Agencies are reminded that final reports are considered public documents and are subject to release under the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).

Contact Information: 
David Doll, Director of Professional Services
[email protected]