The Grants Committee serves to receive, evaluate, and prioritize WASPC member agency requests for one-time funding related to short term needs of the agency.  The goal of the committee is to assist agencies in times of extreme or emergent financial need or when a short-term grant would allow the requesting agency to significantly improve their public safety services.

General Guidelines: The amount of available funding for any given year will be recommended by the Finance Committee, with input from WASPC staff members. The Board must approve the total annual allotment of funds to the Grants Committee. Grants Committee funds disbursement must be approved by the Executive Board. The Executive Board’s decision is final, and there is no appeal process.

Unused grant funds will not “carry forward” beyond any individual funding year.  No Grants Committee member may make a grant request while serving on the Grants Committee or for the year immediately following their term on the committee. The requesting agency must have been a WASPC member agency for the two consecutive years prior to any request, and must be a current member agency. Requests will only be accepted from agency heads. Grant requests cannot be made by one agency on behalf of a different agency. The Grants Committee has wide latitude in considering and recommending awarding funds, however, grants should generally be considered when a requesting agency has an extreme or emergency issue that could not have been foreseen during a regular budgeting cycle; or when the grant would provide the agency with a significant improvement in providing public safety services, and cannot be funded within the agency’s normal budgetary process.

Requests may be submitted at any time to the Grants Committee for consideration.  To submit a request, please use the following form.