WASPC has created a coronavirus (COVID-19) resource library for law enforcement and its partner agencies. New information will be posted on a regular basis, so check back often.

Available Grants
National First Responder COVID-19 Grant Relief Program

COVID-19 Communications Best Practices
At this link here, you will find examples of communications best practices being used by law enforcement to communicate regarding the COVID-19 virus as well as social media best practices. Examples will be updated regularly.

COVID-19 Health & Safety Information
Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations for U. S. Law Enforcement Personnel  (from the IACP) 
Availability of Test Swabs for COVID-19 Testing
CDC Guide to Determine PPE Needs - “Burn Rate” Calculator Tool
U. S. HHS Guide to Allow Pre-Screen From Dispatch for COVID in Light of HIPAA
Health Care Authority Guidance for Video ITA's
Information about Families First Coronavirus Act Pertaining to Employees and Leave
INTERPOL Guide for LE – Useful and Worthwhile Information Especially Regarding LE Officers At-home
Law Enforcement Survival Guide During the COVID-19 Pandemic
NSA Information on COVID-19 Stress on the Job and Your Own Family
PPE Guidance from US Department of Labor
Reuse of PPEs
Responses to Questions on COVID-19
WSP Provides Best Practices for Impaired Driving Testing

Emergency Lodging Services for First Responders
King, Snohomish & Whatcom Counties
Seattle, Bellevue Area

Examples of Protocols
Clark County Sheriff's Office Starts Program to Help the Elderly
Decontamination, PPE & Doffing Training Videos from King County Sheriff's Office
Decontamination Procedures-COVID-19
Exposure Defined
Guidance Regarding Service of Civil Protection Orders and Criminal No Contact Orders (COVID-19)
Guidelines and Questions to Ask if Your Community Will Have an Isolation/Quarantine Facility Established - from Kent PD Chief Padilla
Homeland Security Best Practices for LE Exposure and Risk Mitigation
Non-Work Exposure
Officer/Deputy Personnel Exposure plan – Dallas PD
Potential Work-Related Exposure

GTWO Reference Library
4/13/2020 - Governor and DOC Release Plan to Reduce Prison Population in Response to COVID-19
4/10/2020 - Community Engagement Resources from the Joint Info Center (JIC)
4/9/2020 - Farm Workers as Essential
4/6/2020 - Guidelines for State Regulatory Agencies

Guidance for Hit Confirmation and Locate Procedures During COVID-19
CJIS Guidance on NCIC

CDC Toolkit for Correctional and Detention Facilities
Inmate Population - Mutual Aid Agreements
NW Shuttle System
Suggestions to Jails for managing the impacts of COVID-19

National Sheriffs Association Resources
The Stafford Act & Other COVID-19 Funding Resources Webinar  | Slides available here
NSA Phase IV In the New Normal - Recoil, Recovery, and Resiliency From the COVID-19
NSA Resources for Responding to Sexual Violence Calls During the Covid-19 Crisis
NSA Suggestions for Patrol and Corrections to Supplement Current CDC Guidelines

PERF Daily COVID-19 Reports (posted with permission from PERF)
PERF is sending its members daily updates about agencies' responses to the COVID-19 outbreak. Click on the links below to view the current and past editions of the daily report:



  • Wednesday, December 30: Policing New Year's Eve celebrations during the pandemic
  • Tuesday, December 29: Vaccine distribution to agency personnel
  • Wednesday, December 23: Preventing and responding to vaccine-related fraud
  • Tuesday, December 22: Interview with agencies that will be requiring employees take the vaccine
  • Monday, December 21: Survey: What police executives are expecting with coronavirus vaccines
  • Friday, December 18: Security for vaccine transportation and distribution
  • Thursday, December 17: Interview with Kansas City, MO Chief Rick Smith, Omaha, NE Chief Todd Schmaderer, and Sioux City, IA Chief Rex Mueller
  • Wednesday, December 16: The role of analysts during the pandemic
  • Tuesday, December 15: Interview with Corpus Christi, TX Chief Mike Markle, Austin, TX Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon, and Irving, TX Assistant Chief Darren Steele
  • Monday, December 14: Interview with Seattle, WA Chief Adrian Diaz, Vancouver, WA Chief James McElvain, and Portland, OR Chief Chuck Lovell
  • Friday, December 11: Interview with Long Beach, CA Chief Robert Luna, Richmond, CA Chief Bisa French, and Santa Barbara, CA Capt. Marylinda Arroyo
  • Thursday, December 10: Interview with Yonkers, NY Police Commissioner John Mueller and Newark, NJ Public Safety Director Anthony Ambrose
  • Tuesday, December 8: Interview with NYPD Chief Terry Monahan; Phoenix, AZ Chief Jeri Williams; Providence, RI Chief Hugh Clements; and Hennepin County, MN Sheriff David Hutchinson
  • Monday, December 7: The police response to homelessness during the pandemic
  • Tuesday, December 1: Interview with San Diego County Sheriff William Gore about enforcing COVID public health orders
  • Monday, November 30: Interview with Denver Chief Paul Pazen about his agency's participation in the Moderna vaccine study
  • Friday, November 20: Use of reserve officers during the pandemic
  • Tuesday, November 17: Interviews with Kirkland, WA Chief Cherie Harris; Aurora, IL Chief Kristen Ziman; and Detroit Chief James Craig
  • Friday, November 13: COVID increases in Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas
  • Monday, November 9: Interview with Italian Carabinieri Colonel Pietro Carrozza
  • Monday, October 26: COVID-19 and election preparations in Michigan
  • Monday, October 19: Midwest university police chiefs discuss local COVID increases and students' return to campus
  • Thursday, October 8: North Dakota and South Dakota police chiefs discuss the rise of COVID cases in their states
  • Wednesday, October 7: Wisconsin chiefs discuss their increase in cases
  • Friday, October 2: Update from Superintendent Micky Rosenfeld, National Spokesman to Foreign Media, Israel Police
  • Wednesday, September 23: Massachusetts chiefs discuss their response to the pandemic
  • Wednesday, September 16: How has the pandemic affected speeding and traffic safety?
  • Tuesday, September 15: Interview with NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea about 9/11, COVID-19, and crime
  • Friday, September 11: The impact of the pandemic on human trafficking
  • Friday, September 4: Jail operations during the pandemic

Public Safety & Homeland Security
Washington State Fusion Center Fully Operational

Public Safety Psychologists (Lynnwood) - Staying Sane Updates
Staying Sane Balance Edition
Staying Sane Spring 2020 Edition
Staying Sane Flexibility Edition
Staying Sane Strength Edition
Staying Sane Gratitude Edition
Staying Sane Resilience Edition
Staying Sane Humility Edition
Staying Sane Compassion Edition
Staying Sane Hope Edition

TSA Practices for Hand Wanding -  for Court Security Issues

U. S. Customs & Border Patrol
Travel Restrictions at U. S. Northern & Southwestern Borders